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We can provide you with all labels required for military specification packaging if you chose to package your materials in-house. Please refer to our automated label order page for information and pricing.


In today's challenging marketplace the traditional brick and mortar mode does not work for everyone. Many small businesses need extra warehouse space or the ability to accept larger motor freight shipments. Universal Processing can provide the facility to handle both short and long term storage and ease of motor freight deliveries and shipments.

Government Inspections

Origin inspections can be confusing and complicated causing the contractor to have materials sitting in the warehouse resulting in delivery delays and delinquencies. Universal Processing can complete the inspection process for you. Our quality management team will work with you and present your product to the DOD Quality Assurance Representative (QAR) at our facility. When submitting your offer to the government, designate Universal Processing, CAGE 1B746, as your facility for inspection and acceptance. We perform the preliminary inspections on your behalf; submit your documentation for inspection on WAWF; and forward notice of acceptance to you.


Universal Processing Company provides the best commercial and military packaging solutions available. From storage of bulky large engines and transmissions to shipping intricate aircraft parts, the correct military packaging materials can determine an item's safety and reliability. Whether it is dust, water, ultraviolet rays, static, or lubricants, a countless number of elements can lead to a product's degradation. It's our expertise to analyze the military or commercial specification packaging requirements and tailor the most economical solution.

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